Friday, March 21, 2008

Thank you, Ralyssand

I raid with an alliance of people in EverQuest II. We raid Sunday nights from 6 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. edt and Wednesday nights from 8:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m edt. We only do the raid zones and we do not go after contested mobs. Our latest target has been the Temple of Kor-sha. We have progressed to the Overlord without success.

Just about 2 weeks ago, the player that ran our raids decided it was time to leave the game. He sited real life issues and a general boredom of the game itself. I was very sorry to see him go. He was awesome at leading the raids. He will be missed.

I was more of a hard core raider in EverQuest. I just did not want to do that again, but I do like to raid. My guild is a very casual guild. People come and go as real life dictates, so there was very little opportunity to pull a raid together. So when I was told about the EverQuest II Alliance Operatives raid group, I could not wait to check it out.

I really did like the experience for 2 reasons. One of the reasons was our raid leader, Ralyssand. His manner of leading raids was totally opposite anything I had seen before. There was no yelling, cursing, belittling etc. If a mistake was made, it was not "Who the #$@% did that?" it was "What happened there and how do we fix it so it does not happen again?" He rarely lost his cool or raised his voice. The second reason was the people in the group. They are a great bunch of people and a lot of fun to play with.

We are going to keep on raiding from what I can see. A few people have stepped up to lead raids. Will it be the same? Probably not, but different is not a bad thing.

Raly, you will be missed! *hugs*

Just my opinion,

Monday, March 10, 2008

Thank you, Unrest!!

I was originally going to write about the difficulty I had in getting help with my epic quest. The quest started out with 3 solo steps and then followed with a step in Chelsith. For a long while that was my roadblock. I do have to admit part of that roadblock was of my own doing. I was a bit burnt out and my play time was usually only on my raid days. Since I only raid 2 nights a week, that made getting a group for Chelsith more on the wishful thinking side.

Then some of the people that I raid with offered to help out and off to Chelsith I went. Working on my epic invigorated my desire to log in just to get the epic done. I played more hours the last few days then I played the last few months. I finished Defender of the Faith on March 1st. I finished The Saga of Yasva V'Alear on March 9th. All in all, it went a lot faster than I thought it was going to go.

I have to thank members of the EQ2 Alliance Operatives on Unrest for their help and support. I wanted to name the people that helped but to be honest I am sure I would leave someone out and I really do not want to slight anyone. You know who you are!! I can not thank you enough! They were pretty marvelous about helping me, I know without them I would not have even attempted the epic. The Operatives raid group is made up of many different people in many different guilds. So we have to schedule in personal time, guild time, group time and raid time. We do get a lot done and I am really happy to be raiding with such a nice group of people!

One of the steps originally gave me heartburn. I was instructed to kill 75 inconsequential individuals. By this time I knew who these inconsequential individuals were and where they could be found. The problem I faced was finding a group that wanted to actually hunt in
Sebilis and stay to kill 75 reet slaves. I ended up doing this with several different groups of people over a 2 day period. Some friends, some strangers. This ended up being my favorite step. I met several really nice people! I can honestly say it has been a long while since I put up my LFG tag and actively advertised for a group to do anything. I forgot how much fun it could be. There are drawbacks of course. Like the person that wiped the entire group going after a shiny, but mostly it was a lot of fun!
I was very surprised that people in the group were willing to stay for the long haul. Let's face it 75 reets is a lot. Camping anything can be long and boring but these people stayed. Thank you all again and again and again.

If you play on Unrest and need help, feel free to look for Gethani. If I am available I would love to help out!!