Friday, June 27, 2008

11 Dimensions and Gaming

Interesting topic, isn't it? On my path to a more profound look at my existence (I am so far outside the box that I can not even see the boundaries anymore), I was lead to Rev. Angela Peregoff and Science of Mind. During one of our class sessions I mentioned that I play MMO's (ok when don't I mention I play MMO's). After a brief explanation of what exactly an MMO was, our instructor said playing games of this type is one way of opening ourselves up to the way of thinking where anything is possible! In our games we can be different races, different sexes, and have different functions. We can play more than one character at a time, we can fly, we can run faster than wolves, we can become animals, we can heal the sick and we can raise the dead.

In Everquest II, I have an ability called Featherfall that allows me to float down from the highest levels, as if skydiving without a parachute. This is one of my favorite things to do in game. Almost as if the experience is tugging on a soul memory buried so deep it took a game to awaken it. All my life, I have felt like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole. In my game I feel most at home. Don't get me wrong, I have a full life that I enjoy and life path that is amazing to travel, but I have always known there was more.

We live in a three dimensional existence. Or do we? I have recently found out that scientists believe that there can be as many as 11 dimensions. What if the flashes of creativity that we get are glimpses of an existence in another dimension? What if multiboxing characters in a game is a tug on a string to remember that we are living more than one existence at a time? I have come to believe that gamers are drawn to games because we are multidimensional beings and games tug at memories buried in our 3 dimensional way of thinking. I feel that game designers have a mandate to create games that help awaken our long buried soul memories. I know many game designers and a lot of them are just as far outside the box as I am, even if they do not realize it. They are driven to create games that push our way of thinking to the limits.

Just my opinion

For more information just google dimensional shift, Noetic Science, A. R. E.

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Art of Saying A Lot While Saying Nothing At All

A couple of weeks back, someone pointed me in the direction of a 2 part article at TenTonHammer, they interviewed Jason Roberts, and Steve Danuser, from 38 Studios. In case you are not familiar with 38 Studios (I found it amazing that some people I play games with never heard of 38 until I told them), it was founded by Curt Schilling (pitcher-Boston Red Sox and avid gamer), R. A Salvatore (fantasy author) and Todd McFarlane (comic book creator).

Up until recently, the design team has not said very much about what they are doing. The most we really know is it will be a fantasy game. They are keeping information closely guarded until they are ready to release it. I think it is a good thing. Creating something like this takes several years and I personally, do not want to be tired of it before I can even play it. I know others that are just dying to get the least little clue as to what the game is going to be about! They won't find that clue in this article. Never the less the interview is a good read. For people that do not have any idea what it takes to get something like this off the ground, Jason and Steve give little tidbits of the design process. They also discuss PVP, PVE and questing.

I know some of the people that work at 38. I know their philosophies on games. I have faith that the game that eventually comes out is going to be a good one.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

EQ II Living Legacy Celebration and Unofficial Party!

Rewards Await Your Return! Experience the Living Legacy Events Now!

Living Legacy is a celebration in honor of the millions of past, present and future EverQuest®II players. Norrath will be home to an eventful summer dedicated to the heritage and progression of the EverQuest II world. Numerous rewards await the legends that return to the fight and live the EverQuest II legacy.

Come back for FREE or join now and enjoy the celebration!

  • Free Game Play Time

    All inactive subscribers (in good standing) and trial EQII accounts can play at no cost until July 31, 2008.
  • Free Rise of Kunark All-In-One Pack

    Access the latest content; keep a complimentary digital copy of this compilation version of the game when you convert to a monthly subscription plan for EQII.
  • New Recruitment Trial Program

    Future EQII legends that are invited will receive various rewards for their participation.
  • Recruitment Rewards

    Earn up to twenty (20) months of free game play added at the end of your current subscription by recruiting friends who become EverQuest II subscribers.

As part of this Celebration Grimwell will surprise players by visiting their servers (he did the Unrest party on his own time, this party is unofficial), you can't miss him he is about so high, with a feather over his head. He has a little quest he is giving out and then he invites players to the Community Lounge, somewhere off of Poet's Palace. The zone is only accessible by summoning!

At the door is Scheherazade, The Door Keeper. She will port you out if you choose to leave. In the middle of the main room is the Wishing Pool, one player at a time can toss in a fishing line in and see what gets pulled out.

The door on the right side of the main room leads into a bed room where one can find Shakhnazarian Keeper of Secrets!! I wonder if he could be bribed. There are magic lamps through out the zone. Rub on one and see what happens!! The pillows on the beds can be clicked on and used for pillow fights! I like this much better than the Frostfell snowball fights. Needless to say I stocked up!! Unfortunately, the pillows are no-zone.

Across the hall from the bedroom there is a nice bar. Click away to find out what it in store!! I want Hal to take care of the libations in my North Freeport home!

I don't want to give it all away. There are other things to find and enjoy. So if you see a lonely Halfling with a feather over his head standing around in a main city near you, Hail him and see what happens!

Thank you Dominio for taking the time to create this fun little adventure. I am all for having the pillows incorporated into the game,by the way! The pillow fight was lots of fun!! Hmm, I wonder if the fighters can hit Master P with pillows!!