Thursday, April 24, 2008

What is Odyssey and Why Does it Have a Shadow?


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Serial Number 77451534

Filing Date April 18, 2008

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Owner (APPLICANT) Sony Online Entertainment LLC LTD LIAB CO DELAWARE 10202 W. Washington Blvd. Culver City CALIFORNIA 90232

Attorney of Record Lynn S. Fruchter

Type of Mark TRADEMARK


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Some one sent me an instant message today telling me the Trademark Watchers caught the new expansion name for Everquest II. He then went on to send me the name "The Shadow Odyssey". In the few seconds I had to take that in, I decided I liked that name, it was different and evoked a bit of mystery. Then he sent me a new message saying "Wait." The Shadow of Odyssey. I felt deflated. My mind started racing down new roads with the name "The Shadow Odyssey", and then hit a brick wall with "The Shadow of Odyssey". What a difference a 2 letter word makes.

So now I want to know "What is Odyssey?" and "Why does it have a Shadow?" and "Why can't they get rid of the word "of"?

To me, a shadow is not a full representation of the original. So saying a shadow of odyssey is like saying it is not a full odyssey. Considering this is an expansion and not an adventure pack or a content update, the name just does not make sense to me. If Odyssey was something from the EQ past like, Kunark or Faydwer etc, it could be a viable name but for the life of me I can not remember a zone or expansion in EQ named Oydssey.

Of course, in speculating that the "of" is an error and the real title is The Shadow Odyssey, that opens up some room for exploring some thoughts. Odyssey being a long series of journeys about The Shadow government? Species? Movement? Realm? God? Weapon?

To be honest I have not kept up on the lore much, but this calls for investigation. So I am going to start looking into the lore that is popping up. And I hope you do to!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Congratulations Travis McGeathy!

38 Studios' Design Team Expands
- Travis McGeathy Joins Steve Danuser and Jason Roberts -

Maynard, MA, April 22, 2008 – Continuing to attract top industry talent, 38 Studios (, a pioneering entertainment company dedicated to delivering a broad spectrum of entertainment products, today announced the expansion of its industry-renowned design team with the appointment of Travis McGeathy as systems design lead. Travis hails from Sony Online Entertainment and joins his former SOE co-workers at 38 Studios, Jason Roberts and Steve Danuser, who have been laying the groundwork in IP and game development in year one at the studio.

"38 Studios already boasts some heavy-hitting, pop-culture names with R. A. Salvatore and Todd McFarlane," said Brett Close, CEO and President of 38 Studios. "In addition to these visionaries, 38 Studios is extremely proud of the well-known and highly respected designers, artists, and engineers we've attracted. Having Travis, Jason, and Steve as the nucleus of our design team adds further credibility within the industry, strengthening our commitment to deploying a first-rate MMOG, and ensuring fans that we have the skill and experience to deliver an Online Entertainment Experience like no other."

As systems design lead, McGeathy, known as "Rashere" in the online gaming community, will oversee the team responsible for creating the innovative gameplay mechanics that will bring to life the MMOG codenamed "Copernicus." At SOE, he held the position of lead designer on EverQuest and was responsible for the overall creative direction of the product and management of its design team.

Danuser, also known as "Moorgard" in the online world, joined 38 Studios in 2006 as the director of community development and lead content designer. He is establishing the foundation of 38 Studios' community while directing creative development of the company's upcoming MMOG. At SOE, he was the original community manager for EverQuest II, founding and maintaining one of the strongest and most vibrant communities in the MMOG space. He later moved into the role of designer and contributed to expansion packs and live updates, including the popular Echoes of Faydwer.

Design director Jason Roberts oversees the creative and technical operations of the 38 Studios design department, ensuring that both gameplay systems and creative content meld into a cohesive and entertaining experience. Prior to joining 38 Studios in 2007, he was lead designer of EverQuest II, providing guidance to the development process of three expansions and three adventure packs, including Desert of Flames, Kingdom of Sky and Echoes of Faydwer.

About 38 Studios
38 Studios, a media and entertainment company founded in 2006 by Curt Schilling, is in pre-production on an original fantasy IP driven by the creative and artistic visions of pop-culture icons R. A. Salvatore and Todd McFarlane. Entertainment products will include a massively immersive Online Entertainment Experience (TM) that transcends the traditional MMOG genre, novels, comics, toys, movies, TV, and more. For more information, visit

38 is really pulling in some talented people. I really can not wait to see what they have in store for us! Congratulation Travis! Would you do me a favor and /bonk Moorgard for me!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Another Good-bye and new additions

I logged onto my raiding forums the other day and there is was, another good-bye. Lately, I find that when I log in to the game, the forums, check my mail, there is another good-bye. One would think after all the years I have been online, I would be used to the comings and goings of those I meet. I confess, I am not. I get all comfortable with the people that I know on-line. Just as if I knew them in real life. Just as if they were part of my family.

A lot of things changed in the last couple of years. Partly because I know more people on line then I ever have before and partly because life is becoming more fluid. Some of those I have said good-bye to in the past have floated away like a balloon a child let go of, never to be seen again. Some I still touch base with from time to time. Just today I got an instant message from someone I met about 8 years ago telling me he is getting married in June. He was just a teenager when I met him. Some I see once a year at Fan Faire, we say hello, spend a weekend having fun and then say good-bye till next year. Some are taking a gaming break till the next "best game" is released. Me? I am still plugging along playing a game I like a lot.

To all of them I say "May you always have fair winds and following seas."

Now for the new additions. I popped into the Stratics Dev Chat Friday night. Most was the same old stuff. You know the "When are you fixing x,y,z class, tradeskill, zone, spell, etc" At the end is when the fun stuff came out. Saavedra is working on a return to a popular dungeon. Epic weapons are going to be tweaked. For people killing the Avatars, new cloaks are going to drop.
Weaponsmiths and woodworkers are going to get some love. The four primary cures, arcane, noxious, trauma and elemental are going to be combined into one spell. Coercers are going to see some improvements to their class in GU45. And my favorite bit of information of the night BUILT IN VOICE CHAT!!. I have been asking of this for a long time now. I have grown accustomed to using a chat program for raids and even some groups, the drawback is not everyone uses the same program. This will make is much easier, in my opinion.

Also Fan Faire was announced. I look forward to spending a lot of time at Quark's. I will be going for the week, if you happen to get there early let me know!