Thursday, April 24, 2008

What is Odyssey and Why Does it Have a Shadow?


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Some one sent me an instant message today telling me the Trademark Watchers caught the new expansion name for Everquest II. He then went on to send me the name "The Shadow Odyssey". In the few seconds I had to take that in, I decided I liked that name, it was different and evoked a bit of mystery. Then he sent me a new message saying "Wait." The Shadow of Odyssey. I felt deflated. My mind started racing down new roads with the name "The Shadow Odyssey", and then hit a brick wall with "The Shadow of Odyssey". What a difference a 2 letter word makes.

So now I want to know "What is Odyssey?" and "Why does it have a Shadow?" and "Why can't they get rid of the word "of"?

To me, a shadow is not a full representation of the original. So saying a shadow of odyssey is like saying it is not a full odyssey. Considering this is an expansion and not an adventure pack or a content update, the name just does not make sense to me. If Odyssey was something from the EQ past like, Kunark or Faydwer etc, it could be a viable name but for the life of me I can not remember a zone or expansion in EQ named Oydssey.

Of course, in speculating that the "of" is an error and the real title is The Shadow Odyssey, that opens up some room for exploring some thoughts. Odyssey being a long series of journeys about The Shadow government? Species? Movement? Realm? God? Weapon?

To be honest I have not kept up on the lore much, but this calls for investigation. So I am going to start looking into the lore that is popping up. And I hope you do to!


Anonymous said...

Odus = Odyssey?

Gethani said...

There is some interesting information floating around on the official forums.

A conversation with Mayong Mistmoore mentions starting an odyssey.

I have not read all the lore yet.