Monday, April 21, 2008

Another Good-bye and new additions

I logged onto my raiding forums the other day and there is was, another good-bye. Lately, I find that when I log in to the game, the forums, check my mail, there is another good-bye. One would think after all the years I have been online, I would be used to the comings and goings of those I meet. I confess, I am not. I get all comfortable with the people that I know on-line. Just as if I knew them in real life. Just as if they were part of my family.

A lot of things changed in the last couple of years. Partly because I know more people on line then I ever have before and partly because life is becoming more fluid. Some of those I have said good-bye to in the past have floated away like a balloon a child let go of, never to be seen again. Some I still touch base with from time to time. Just today I got an instant message from someone I met about 8 years ago telling me he is getting married in June. He was just a teenager when I met him. Some I see once a year at Fan Faire, we say hello, spend a weekend having fun and then say good-bye till next year. Some are taking a gaming break till the next "best game" is released. Me? I am still plugging along playing a game I like a lot.

To all of them I say "May you always have fair winds and following seas."

Now for the new additions. I popped into the Stratics Dev Chat Friday night. Most was the same old stuff. You know the "When are you fixing x,y,z class, tradeskill, zone, spell, etc" At the end is when the fun stuff came out. Saavedra is working on a return to a popular dungeon. Epic weapons are going to be tweaked. For people killing the Avatars, new cloaks are going to drop.
Weaponsmiths and woodworkers are going to get some love. The four primary cures, arcane, noxious, trauma and elemental are going to be combined into one spell. Coercers are going to see some improvements to their class in GU45. And my favorite bit of information of the night BUILT IN VOICE CHAT!!. I have been asking of this for a long time now. I have grown accustomed to using a chat program for raids and even some groups, the drawback is not everyone uses the same program. This will make is much easier, in my opinion.

Also Fan Faire was announced. I look forward to spending a lot of time at Quark's. I will be going for the week, if you happen to get there early let me know!

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