Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I know most of you must be thinking what my YMCA has to do with games. My Y has a room they called the Interactive zone. In this room they have CYBEX Trazer, Kilowatt, Sportswall Station, Cateye GameBike, a Wii, and Xbox and a Playstation 2.

A room made for gamers that want to exercise!!. Unfortunately, at my YMCA, Taylor Bend, the room is only open when school is out. Even though in the brochures and on the web site the description says "YMCA members can enjoy an exhilarating, full-body workout while playing video games! More than just computers that make you sweat, the Interactive Zone offers something for everyone, from simulated interaction training for athletes, to keeping youth and teens active and excited about fitness, to mental and physical coordination exercises for older adults and rehabilitation patients."

To be fair, this is my second membership at this Y and during the first one, I got them to open the room 3 days a week for a few hours in the morning so us adults could have some fun too!! Unfortunately, I was pretty much the only one in there, but I had a blast. They have Dance, Dance Revolution. That was the main reason I wanted to get in that room. I never tried it before but had seen my son and his friends do it. I thought it would be a blast and much better than walking nowhere on a treadmill. And it was!! I also enjoyed the Sportwall, it is 2 walls that have 2 rows of lights that flash off and on and you have to hit your color with your hand, a ball or even a pool noodle! It really was a lot of fun and a vigorous workout. I had to stop going to the Y because of transportation issues, I was not happy but there was nothing I could do at the time. Those issues have worked themselves out so back I went, but no I-zone. How sad for me.

Since the last time i was at the Y they have added a lot of things, including the Wii. The CYBEX machines are new also and I would really like to give them a whirl. I am again going to lobby to get the room open for us old folk, I just wish more people my age would want to come in and play with me!!

Check out your Y's and see if they have an I-zone. Exercising has never been so much fun!!
Just my opinion,

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Long Lost Friends

I am trying to track down long lost friends. I have been trying to find Christopher Rush an illustrator that designed cards for Magic the Gathering. He has just dropped of the face of the earth. If anyone has any idea where he went or how I can get in touch with him please let me know.

I am also trying to find members of the guilds HoSS, Phoenix and VVV from Everquest 1 and DoAC. I get these bouts of nostalgia and feel the need to connect with people that I used to play with. Just want to find out what they are doing and what they are playing.


Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Level 80 -- Now what?

I just reached level 80 on my main character in Everquest II. To be honest, I really took my time doing it too. The first weekend the expansion was out, my computer room was all torn apart, so I did not play. I took a few days of here and there for family reasons. I also took a little over a week off when I went to visit my son. I cut my playing time down each day compared to how I have played in the past. So I was not making a mad dash to level 80, yet here I am.

So.......what do I do now? OK, I still have to finish my achievement point leveling, but I only need 10 more points. I figure I will have those in a week or less. I can also work on the quests that I did not finish before I hit level 80, but there really is not much of an incentive for me to do that. The priest quest rewards are, IMO, screwed up and now I am not getting experience for the quests. So why bother.

I can catch up on my tradeskill levels. Most people that know me know I would rather give birth than tradeskill. I find it boring (sorry Domino, I think you have done a great job of sprucing up tradeskilling.), it is just not my cup of tea. Maybe if experience moved faster or the process itself moved a bit faster, I would not equate it to watching paint dry. I want to finish a couple of Heritage Quests that I need a higher level of tradeskilling, so this might just motivate me back into the cellar. Even this will not take me more than 3-4 weeks.

I can make an alt and actually play it up to level 80. I just find I am very attached to my main character and I really miss not being able to play her. So my question is why put out an expansion and increase the level cap if people could get to 80 within days of the expansion coming out? I miss the days of taking a very long time to level. I am sure I am in the minority in the day of "everything has to be NOW" but I still wish my adventuring levels took a lot longer to earn so I feel like I am actually doing something till the next expansion is released.

Just my opinion