Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Everquest 10th Anniversary

I just can not believe that 10 years has gone by since I first logged into the land of Norrath. I understand that, technically, it is Everquest that is celebrating, but to me it is ten years in Norrath. Ten years of amazing memories, of new friends met, of old friends that moved on to other things, of fabulous adventures in New Orleans, Atlanta, and Las Vegas! Ten years of soloing, grouping, raiding and questing. Ten years of praises for a job well done and complaints for things not so well done!!

Ten years of killing 10 rats, of running back and forth, of looking for the smallest thing in the biggest places! Ten years of waiting for the next expansion to come out, of trying to guess what it will be about, of ranting because it just was not what we dreamed of or celebrating because it was!Ten years of new firsts. Ten years of visiting the most wonderful landscapes, towns and cities! Ten years of thinking the devs must have been on drugs when they did THAT!

Ten years of sharing MMO's with my son. Ten years of my husband just not getting the fascination of running my avatar around for hours on end. Ten years of my daughters thinking I am the biggest loser in the world! Ten years of laughs, hugs, tears, frustration, and woots! Ten years of hooking up, breaking up, weddings, divorces, births and deaths. Ten years of getting to know the most amazing people and some not so amazing!

Happy Anniversary Everquest and thank you for the memories!!