Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Ruins of Kunark Box Art

The box art for the release of the Rise of Kunark expansion in Everquest II was released today.
You can see it here . I was very surprised with this choice. The last expansion Echoes of Faydwer, was also and all inclusive box and they used the EoF hook to get us all buying and new players interested. I think they should have stuck to the theme and used RoK artwork. A lot of us have fond memories of Kunark. I often soloed and grouped in those zones. I would have been very happy with a nice big Sarnak on the front of the box and may a nice shot of Karnors Castle.

To be honest, the picture made me think of my favorite dark elf, Drittz du'Urden, that led me to R. A. Salvatore and that thought led me to 38 Studios. I know the picture is not an exact copy but it is sure close enough for me. I hope this accomplishes what it was supposed to but no one I know at the moment seems to know what that is.

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