Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I love Vegas. There is just so much to do here. I arrived on Saturday and got to see a lot of people in their Star Trek attire. This is as closest I have been to a Star Trek Convention. I debated on buying a ticket but I decided that I was just as happy sitting in Quark's watching all the other people. Luxx went and happily let me have some of the pictures that he took.

I did find out something I did not know. My favorite Klingon at Quark's is also... So at least I can keep up with his future escapades. I always found Cdr. Churoq engaging and look forward to following his career!

More and more people started arriving for Fan Faire and I ran into several last night in the SpaceQuest bar near Quark's. Brasse, Kendricke and Winter are here. Several others are too, but I do not know their ingame names off hand. I met a Trekkie on The Star Trek Backstage Tour the other night and invited her to join us. She is not a gamer, never heard of MMO's but she fit right in the group and everyone was very nice to her. That, to me, is gamers at their best!!! Who knows we just might have converted someone to the cause!

This afternoon registration starts along with other festivities! I really can not wait to see all the people that I have not seen in a year!


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