Thursday, September 25, 2008

Just Stuff

Sorry about the long time between posts. Things just got a bit out of hand.

So on with what I have to say.

Thank you SOE for giving us an easy to use in-game chat program. I love how it works! The Demo at Fan Faire had one of the people from the Vivox company call into chat from his cell phone. I am really looking forward to all this program has to offer. Keep up the innovation!!

DCUO -I plan on playing even though this is not the type of game I am used to. A friend of mine was running the Demo at Fan Faire and he finally convinced me to give it a try. I was dropped into the game as a level 50 hero and the villians wiped the pavement with me! It did get me excited enough about the game to want to give it a go from level 1 and see just how the learning curve is for people like me! Pop on over here to check it out.

The Agency - My brother (not a gamer by any stretch) attended FF with me. We both did the live event for The Agency. We had a lot of fun hunting down the clues. This peaked my brothers' interest in the game. Mine was peaked last FF. They did not have a playable demo so it is hard to say how the game is progressing. I can not wait to see it. Oh, we did win prizes for the live event. I got one of the famous Secret Agent T-shirts, a very nice Agency Martini Glass, and a poster.

Free Realms - I know this is going to be marketed as a family/kid game but to be honest I can not wait to play. I plan on using this during the down times of my regular MMO's. There will be parental controls to keep adults from interacting with young children, if the adult is not on the child's friends list. I know kids are way smarter then we give them credit for and I can see some getting around the "phrases" that are allowed to be used to talk to someone not on the friends list. To be honest, I have not tried any of the other "kid" games out there. So I really do not know how the safety of the young ones that are playing is being addressed.
That aside, it really does look like a very fun and cute game. I look forward to seeing it in action.

Warhammer - The people that know me well know I do not like pvp game play. Until now!! I really like Warhammer so far. I have 2 characters to level 10. One Destruction and one Order. The one thing I really liked when I first logged in, is that I felt like I was part of a conflict. There are explosions and battles going on all around me. I have really gotten into the Public Quests and the Scenarios. I have not tried the real RVR yet but I am sure within a few days my merry little band of 3 friends will be off into RVR land.
I do like the open group system. Makes it much easier to accomplish something as a solo player to be able to invite myself to a group in a PQ area. I wish they would make the war party window available in the scenarios. If they do I am not sure how to get at it. Oh, being a solo player, I really like that I do not have to get into the RVR stuff if I do not want to. I would rather do it with my group for the fun factor and being able to log in and work on some stuff solo keeps me interested until my friends can log in and join me for mayhem.
There are bugs, I do not like the way bags are parceled out for inventory. There are way too many seeds as loot. I hate having to keep running somewhere to sell my full bags. I am terribly laggy. I wish they would make the font for the patch notes bigger than something an ant would read. I can not find a way to increase the font. I can not find a way to make the patcher window bigger. Some of the Public Quest areas are off the beaten path. They send you to the PQ area with quests to complete but if there are not a handful of players in the area, doing the PQ is impossible. I wish they would change that somehow.
I hope the fun I am having now continues up the levels.

Spore - Wow, this game is very addicting. I am now in space! Creating the look and feel of my characters and my world keeps me logging in. The only thing that is missing is being able to play with or against my friends! Then this would be perfect. I can see me and my regular game buddies taking over the universe!. If you have not tried this game, give it a go!


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