Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happy Holidays!!

My son lives in New Hampshire. He was hired by a company that has a office located in Andover, MA. I spent the Christmas holiday with my son. It was exciting to get to see snow again. Living in Virginia, we do not see much of snow. When we arrived there was snow everywhere!! Unfortunately it looks like I also packed warmer weather along with my jammies!! The snow on the trees did not last long and by the time we left for home it was raining. Though I did hear that a snow storm was due to blow in this weekend!

My son is the other gamer in my family. I think between us we own pretty much every gaming console, sometimes 2 of each. We share games and fight over them!! When he moved he "accidentally" packed my 4 Wiimotes!! Ask me if I believe that! He just moved up there in September and he was getting his apartment set up. Of course what is an apartment without an Xbox 360 (I own the one in the family) so he purchased the Xbox 360 elite. He also purchased the new Guitar Hero and Rock Band. It was fun to watch him play. He has a bit of background in music so he is pretty good at it. I was much better with the drums then the guitar.

I took him my copy of Call of Duty 4 for the Xbox. I have a hard time using the controller playing a FPS. I did not even make it out of the tutorial. He had absolutely no problems with the game and was happy I did not want to torture myself with it any longer.

We joined some friends for dinner on Christmas Day dinner. I cooked and no, no one got sick!! After dinner we played some Wii Sports. My son can get a strike in bowling from the kitchen!! Even my husband got into the fun. He is not much of a gamer. We had a great time!

My son just purchased the first 3 seasons of Lost. He had never gotten into watching the series and to be honest neither did I. So he suggested that I watch the show while I was up there. I am hooked!! I was happy in my ignorant bliss of not knowing who Sawyer was, or who the Others were. And I thought that a hatch was just a door on a ship! Little did I know I would get all caught up in the lives of the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. I do have to admit watching the show in marathon format was a nice way to get hooked. Now I just have to decide it I want to wait till season 4 comes out on DVD to watch it or start watching it episode by episode at the end of January!

Happy Holidays and may everyone have a bright and prosperous New Year!! See you all on the island!!

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