Sunday, July 27, 2008

Back to EQII

I have been playing more EQII recently. Don't faint ...I got my tradeskill level up to 64!! For me that is a record. I have gotten 2 levels in one day!! Just one more level and I can finally finish my last heritage quest, "A Thorn of Old". Yes I know that I can easily ask someone to make the weapon for me but I really like to do things on my own.

I even worked on some of the tradeskill quests. I would like to see more of these. They were fun to do. My goal is to get to level 80 and do the tradeskill epic. May take me another year but I will get there!! The extra-experience weekends have added just the extra push I needed to head back to the stove. I just wish they would say how much extra experience I am getting. I also wish that I could see how much experience I earn with each food creation and how much more experience I have to go to level. For all I know I could be getting .000000001% extra experience.

I like WoW for experience information. It tells me how much experience I get for each mob or quest. I even have an experience bar addon that figures out how many more kills I need to get the next level. It shows me how much experience I have and how much more I need. I know EQII gives the % but 10% of what? Not sure why experience has to be such a secret.

I also finally got the "Overthere" Hammer. Taken me this long to get all the quests done. Thanks to Bruinen, Xxable and Winkins I was able to get the quests done. I find it very hard to solo mobs in RoK. I thought I played my class pretty well. I have recently been given some advice on Achievement lines to consider.

Oh more and more people are trickling back into EQ2. Some are actually new to the game. Yesterday we invite 3 more people to the guild and 2 old players logged back in. The old players are going through a bit of the "Damn I can't remember how to play". We are doing our best to help them =). Josgar is a one man advertising team for EQII. Someone should name something after him, maybe Josgar's Felwithe Dream? Since he dreams of living in Felwith one day! That young man is one of the most positive EQII players I have ever met. The only thing he ever complains about is not being able to live in Felwithe! Oh and not going to Fan Faire this year. I know I will miss him!! Josgar thanks for all the hard work you do!!


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