Monday, July 28, 2008

DC Universe Online not just for PVP'ers

Somehow I got it in my head the DC Universe Online was going to be a good hero vs evil villian PVP fight fest. I was a comic book reader, you know, way back when they were published on stone tablets. So I was a bit disappointed that DCUO was not going to be my kind of game. PVP is really not my thing. I was happily surprised when I saw this. It was taped at Comic Con this past weekend.

I am mostly a solo and small group player, with the once weekly raid thrown in to spice up the game play. I can not wait to make my own super hero. Gaming Grannie, the kind, motherly, compassionate hero that throws empty game boxes at the villian? Or uses a chocolate pudding ray gun? Ok maybe that is a little silly but I am still looking forward to checking out this game.

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