Friday, July 4, 2008

The Star Trek Experience is Closing

I was grouped in WoW last night, when one of the party members mentioned that Quarks is closing in September. I was saddened to here this, as I have spent several fun filled days and nights at Quarks. I know this is going to sound silly but going to Quarks is one of the reasons I go to Vegas in the first place. I am not much of a gambler (read not at all) so I look for other things to occupy my time and give Las Vegas my money.

I have been watching Star Trek since the original series first aired. I has a school girl crush on Mr. Spock. I truly wished I could travel with them to "Seek out new worlds". At Quarks and The Star Trek Experience, I get the chance not to mention it is the only place I can find Romulan Ale.

I hope the owner of the Experience does something with the idea at one of its many theme parks. I am going to Vegas in August and I plan on spending way to much time at Quarks. Taking a tun of pictures for a nice Quarks scrapbook! If you happen to be in Vegas between August 9-18th stop by Quarks, I will be the one that has blue in her hair!


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