Sunday, September 2, 2007

About Me

Technically, I am not a grandmother. I could be if any of my adult children had children but they do not. I am an older gamer though, over half a century. I have been playing games since my son was in middle school. No wait, that is not entirely correct, I have been playing games since my youngest brother had a TRS-80 and he got me started playing Zork!! That goes back a long time.

Things have come a long way since those days. I do give credit for the rest of my gaming career to my son. He wanted a Nintendo for Christmas one year. I watched him play for a long time, never giving it a try. What mom played games? My husband was in the Navy and I found it hard to sleep the first couple of weeks he was out to sea, so I started playing games. I do not even remember the names, only that I had a lot of fun and my son's friends got a big kick out of telling others that I was level 99!! Then as the years progressed so did games and consoles and PC's. My son found online gaming in the form of The Realm, at the time Sierra published it.

Back then we only had one computer. Oh how we fought over whose turn it was to play. Needless to say it was not long before I bought a second computer. Then stories started circulating about a new game called Everquest and how it was going to be the mother of all MMO's. We all could not wait and when it was finally released, we were not disappointed. My son played on one server; I played on another. We had met new friends in Realm. We were still able to compare what we did and even had some competiton going. I am still playing SOE games all these years later. I am playing others too. Our house has come a long way from our first Nintendo. Now we have 3 desktops, 3 laptops, Wii, Xbox, Xbox360, PS2, PS3, DS, and PSP. They are all purchased by me, I am the avid gamer in the house. My husband rarely plays anything and he hates MMO's with a passion. Yes, I do know it is usually the reverse!! Even my daughters' friends think it is cool that I play games. I am their hero!!

Am I the greatest gamer in the world? Hardly. I just want to write about games that I play and why I enjoy them. I hope to get others my age at least interested in the possibility of gaming. It is a fun pastime and a great way to meet other people I would not normally have ever had the pleasure of meeting!!

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