Friday, September 7, 2007


I finally went out and got Boggie for the Wii. I am steeling up the courage to put in the disc and give it a go. I heard the music on the commercial, I liked it. Soooooo off I went to my nearest Game Stop and plopped down my card. Unfortunately, I have not had a minute to call my own since. Here is hoping I have some down time tomorrow to give it a try!!

Wish me luck!!


Winwin said...

Oooh! Let me know what you think, hon. :)

Almeric said...

Hi Gethani, it's Jeph from EQP under my more-usual pseudonym!

I wrote a review of Boogie recently, if you're interested, though I have to warn you that I wasn't entirely thrilled with it. It does have its good points, though :)

(...including a very good song selection, which I forgot to mention in my review)

Boogie Review