Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Games I Have Played, Folks I Have Met

I play mostly SOE games. I am more comfortable there. I spend most of my time in Everquest II (there ya go Bruce!). I got involved with SOE back in 1999 when most of us did. I started out in Everquest and I had such a great time learning the MMO world. It was all so new to me. Being able to play a game, talking to people in different parts of the world, while I sat in my computer room, is just the most amazing experience. I am still not very clear if it is the games that bring me back or the wonderful people I get to spend time with!

I met people in my Everquest guild that ended up working for SOE. Those people moved to the Everquest II team. I got invited to Friends and Family beta and I never went back to Everquest. I loved everything about Everquest II, the gameplay, the quests, the graphics, interacting with the development team, the very experienced gamers I met. Everquest II has come a long way since those days. So have the people I met. Some still work on EQII, some still work at SOE but on different games or in different areas of SOE, some moved to other game studios. Some of the players I met are not playing games at all. Some are. Through those people I have grown and I thank them!! They have touched my life and I have learned so much.

The people I met dragged me off to other online games, Dark Age of Camelot, Guild Wars, Star Wars Galaxies, World of Warcraft, Diablo, Vanguard, RF Online, Asheron’s Call, Matrix Online and a few others that seem to have floated out of memory. We also talked about single player games and console games. I have played my fair share of both. I have to admit the RPG is my favorite genre. I so enjoy getting lost in a game and exploring every hill and dale, but I am expanding. With my journey into Matrix, I decided I like shooting things!! I look forward to the launch of The Agency. I may even branch out and try other first person shooters that I have been avoiding.

I do have to say, I am looking forward to any and all information that is going to dribble out of 38 Studios. I am familiar with the work of some of their starting development team and I am very anxious to see what they do!! Good luck guys and hurry I am not getting any younger!!

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